2000+ HD Channels

2000+ USA/CAN/UK/Latino.. TV Channels with full EPG, including 300+ USA local TV stations

Easy Setting

Very detailed step-by-step installation guide with online support, service can be set up easily

4 Devices Allow

Fire TV Service allows streaming by 4 screens from 2 house simultaneously,No device limitation

Online support

Outstanding online support, just open a ticket for support, it will be answered quickly

Awesome User Interface (UI) Player

Fire TV Player has awesome user interface (UI) design, Easy to switch channels, favourite, lock...

Pay and watch

Pay and watch, No commitment needed, subscription can be cancelled any time, 100% hassle- free

Parental Control

Service includes HD quality adult content which can be locked with parental control pin, Please make sure to set up if needed.View setting


Catch the game, wherever you are.

NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, UFC/Boxing, WWE...

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Warning:Fire TV Service is not affiliated with Amazon company and IPTV is cheap alternative to cable TV, if you can not compromise on picture quality&video stability, Please Do Not Order! Thanks

Fire TV service APK Installation Guide


1,Enable apps from unknown sources

-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to Settings and then to Device.
-Go to Developer Options.
-Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning

2,Install downloader app on Fire TV stick/box

-Go back to Amazon Fire TV home screen and scroll to the Search option (top right, right beside the Home option).
-Type in Downloader in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say “Downloader”
-Once you have typed in Downloader scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.
-On the next screen, select Downloader and then on the next screen press Get.

3,Download Fire TV Service APK

-After you open the Downloader app, highlight the text box and click on it, then type the link as shown in below popup photo:

Fire TV Player 2.0 download address(Click)
Fire TV Player 3.0 download address(Click)

4,Click download, then install

-After you download the APK file, install it by clicking Install in the lower right corner.
-After its installed, click Open
-Once you open it, type your username and password, account name:Fire TV Service
(* You need to click LEFT on round navigation button when first time login)

Settings on other streaming devices/app

Beside fire TV stick, Fire TV Service also supports almost all other popular streaming devices and apps

Apple TV/iPad/iPhone Google TV Samsung Smart TV Other TV Box IPTV Smarters Player Tivimate App


Watch Live TV instantly on your web browser

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”I've only had the service for a couple of weeks but I'm very happy with it. I've tried a few different iptv services and this one works very well. If your looking for iptv service for fire stick this is the one. So worth the $15 and I get my local channels as well.”


”Just so anyone is wondering I've had four other services over the past year that started decent and went to hell fast I've had this service for about a week now this is a absolutely outstanding service every channel you could ever want sports, ppv,mod,locals the settings well I've never seen settings like this on any paid service”



1I paid hours ago, but still not get email for my account information.
All orders will be processed within 8hours after payment,Our working hour is 9:00AM -11:00PM EST, Sometimes our emails maybe received as spam, please check your email folder of spam/trash/junk...
also some mail provider(such as hotmail/outlook/live/aol/yahoo) may completely block our emails, so maybe you can not find any our emails at all, in that case please just login to your Client area to all your system emails, login with the email address and password which you registered before checkout.
If you get the password lost, please just click "FORGET PASSWORD" to reset it and get a new one which to be sent via email, if you even cannot get the email for the new password, Please just open a support ticket for your account here .
we suggest using Gmail to register your account, if you want to change your account email, just request by opening a support ticket.
2Can I install the APK in other android OS based device besides Fire TV box/stick?
Yes, your can, you can install the apk to other android device and get the same service, such as android TV box (Dreamlink, Formuler, BuzzTV, Mibox...). Smartphone, Tablet, the installation guide should be similar
3How many devices allowed to use the service?
You can install the apk to devices as many as you can, but the service is limited to 4 simultaneous connections from 2 IP addresses, No device lock
4Can I get refund if I am not satisfied with the service?
Sorry, all sales are not refundable, so 24 hours trial account is recommended when you first time use the service, if you order the monthly autopay subscription, the plan can be cancelled any time without any question, but already paid payment is not refundable.
5Does Fire TV service support iOS devices(iPhone/iPad/Apple TV)?
-Go to app store, search for IPTV Smaters Player
-Install it and enter the details below:
-“Name” type in Fire TV (if required)
-“Username” enter: your username
-“Password” enter: your password
-“Url_Here”enter http://xxxxxxxxx:8080
Find the exact details in your account information Email.
6Can I watch the streaming on my PC (Windows or Mac)?
Yes, you can.
go to knowledgebase in your client area to download the application for Windows or Mac
7How to set up parental control for adults content or hide groups?
Go to Menu--settings--parental Control(at the bottom of the panel)
Enable it and create a password, make sure to remember it.
then go back to settings.
--go to groups&Channels
--go to hide groups
--turn off the groups of Adult XXX at your left panel
(you need input the password when set up above)
8Why there is buffering? how to fix?
Things that can cause buffering:
1, a slow internet connection (test at http://speedtest.net),
2,a slow device that is hogging memory,
3, your provider throttling Fire TV Service (fix by using a VPN),
4, service provider server issue (can open a ticket to request
checking) Here are some simple steps to perform if your having trouble like above 1 &2:

Round 1 (clearing cache)
1) Go into Fire TV Settings on your device and find Applications
2) Select Manage Installed Application, then Fire TV Player
3) Select Force Stop
4) Select Clear Cache
5) Reboot your device
6) Retest

Still Experiencing an Issue?
Round 2 (Network)
1) Unplug all devices that connect to your network
2) Unplug your Router (if applicable)
3) Unplug your Modem
4) Wait 5 minutes to allow the network to flush
5) After 5 minutes has passed plug everything back in the reverse order
6) Retest

Still Experiencing an Issue?

Round 3 (Fresh Start)
1) Go into Fire TV Settings on your device and find Applications
2) Select Manage Installed Application, then Fire TV Player
3) Select Force Stop
4) Select Clear Cache
6) Select Clear Data
7) Select Uninstall
8) Restart your device
9) Download a NEW copy Fire TV Player install it
10) Retest
9why invalid username and password?
Most support tickets for invalid username and password are due to
misspelling, all password are generated randomly by the system,
some letters could be read mistakenly by you.
please use Phonetic Alphabet Translator to check it at:
Please double check before you wast time by Openning a ticket and waiting for reply.

check password
10which APK gives better watching experience on android smartphone and tablet?
You can input 2021.firetv.app directly in your mobile device browser to download APK for better watching experience

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